10-Tips when contacting scrubs manufacturer’s

So you finally started your scrubs business! cONGRATULATIONS!

but now you are having no luck at finding quality wholesalers.


Maybe you have purchased a scrub package within this last year from a third party but want to offer MORE brands. 

Perhaps you feel stuck and feel like you can’t move ahead in your scrubs business.

Maybe you just need to be pointed in the right direction and need answers on how to get a variety of wholesalers for your scrubs business.

Does any of these sound familiar?

What would it feel like to…

  • Learn the steps to get accounts with direct scrubs manufacturers and be in control of your inventory for your own business.
  • End the tireless searches for “Scrubs Wholesalers” when you can simply build relationships with the Top Manufacturers.
  • Stop relying on wholesalers who don’t provide you with the QUALITY  brands and AFFORDABLE prices you need as a new scrub shop owner.


You get my simple 10-Tips for when you are contacting Scrubs Manufacturer’s

Find Scrubs Wholesalers

  • Strategies on what to say and what not to say when calling Major Scrubs Manufacturers
  • 10-Essential steps that will assist you in opening a Direct Manufacturer Account
  • List of the most common brands

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How awesome would it feel to be able to finally sell the name brands your customers keep asking you for?

Now you can start contacting manufacturers with confidence and learn what you need in order to become an approved retailer. 

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Work with Tina M. Payne

Hi! My Name is Tina Payne, RN, MSN

I am the founder of Goals of a CEO Mom a Female Entrepreneur Group and coaching site. I created the group in order to assist and provide other Mompreneurs and CEO’s with resources as it relates to balancing business, family, and finances. I am a nursepreneur and proud owner of a mobile and online scrub shop Grace Health Scrubs. As the owner of several businesses I enjoy sharing my knowledge and strategies with  other women needing support in all areas of business.

I’m totally invested in helping you

I’ve spent COUNTLESS hours researching and calling manufacturers to get the exact information you need to purchase from them. Over the last year I have acquired the knowledge necessary and now I am ready to share it with you.

I’ve been there.

Hey, I get it. This is not the easiest industry to figure out. I remember being told by someone early on in my business, “you will not be successful without me” that negativity is what got me fired up to go ALL IN! So I know exactly how it feels to feel left in the dark. That was the best MOTIVATION ever and as a result I vowed that I would do by best to supply other nurses with valuable resources related to the uniform industry so you too can be successful in your Scrubs Business.

This is for you if YOU ARE A…

    • New Scrub Shop Owner needing to learn how to obtain reliable sources for Inventory.
    • New Scrub Shop Owner tired of going through a 3rd Party for expensive Scrub Packages.
    • New Scrub Shop Owners who prefer to go straight to the source but had no clue that was an option or even what to say.

This is not for you if…

  • You already have accounts with DIRECT Manufacturers
  • You already know how to obtain accounts with DIRECT Scrubs Manufacturer’s
  • You have worked with Tina in her VIP Coaching because this information was already shared with you

Stop stressing over where to get quality inventory!

My 10-Tips will give you the confidence of what to say when calling the Direct Scrubs Manufacturer with an easy to follow strategy. 
No more of having to solely rely on your wholesaler as the only source for Scrubs you are selling to your customers.

Yes I want the tip sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this tip sheet tell me exactly which Manufacturers to call?
The tip sheets are designed to provide you with the necessary information so that no matter which manufacturer you decide to call, you will be confident in asking the right questions to obtain an account.

Is this tip sheet the same or similar to The Ultimate Scrubs Business Planning Guide (TUSBPG), you offer?
No, this tip sheet is for established scrub shop owners and focuses only on strategies when contacting Direct Scrubs manufacturer’s. TUSBPG, is a research guide for those who are just starting to learn and research about starting a scrubs business. 

Why don’t you just say who to contact?

There are hundreds of brands and every company is different in their order requirements. So it will depend on your location whether or not the sales rep in your territory can provide you with inventory. 

Should I purchase this Tip sheet if I already have inventory from a wholesaler?
If you are happy with your current inventory and relationship with your wholesaler then, No please do not purchase. However, if your goals are to have re-orderable inventory that cuts out the “middleman”and gives you the peace of mind that you are getting the best profit margin then YES, you need this tip sheet!

Can you guarantee me that I will be able to secure an account with a Direct Scrubs Manufacturer?
No, I cannot guarantee that you will secure an account with one or any scrubs manufacturer. That will all depend on your business model and whether or not you meet the requirements of the Direct Manufacturer. 

If I am not satisfied or can not open an account with a Direct Scrubs Manufacturer, can I get a refund?
Since this is a digital product that is available for immediate download. There are no refunds. 

““I had the pleasure of doing the 1:1 4 weeks mentorship Ultimate Scrub Shop training with Ms. Tina Payne. What a blessing. She was honest and transparent. She is knowledgeable and confident in what she teaches. She is relatable and has a pleasant spirit. I looked forward to our weekly video chats. She was willing to answer any questions I had outside from our scheduled meetings. Tina gave me the tools I needed to build a successful medical scrub and accessories business. I still have a lot to learn in my entrepreneurial journey but my confidence has blossomed. What’s comforting is knowing that I connected with a down to earth RN who wants me to win. I am glad that I connected with a Nurse Boss. I definitely recommend the Ultimate Scrub Shop Training and Guide!!!.””

Denese Wilson| https://www.ambrozscrubs.com

Stop being in the dark and grab this tip sheet


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