The 7 Steps You Need To Crush Your Goals In 2018

Crush your goals in 2018
Hey, are you ready to start the New Year off with a bang? Well, let’s get ready to crush your goals in 2018. Most of us find ourselves in this exact same mindset every year. We have that urge to set resolutions or goals every year. Usually, this is because we are not completely happy or satisfied with the progress that we made during the current year. If that describes you, don’t sweat it, you are not alone.
We all have times in our life when we believe we can do better. We want to try something new or expand on an idea or business. This post will discuss 7 ways to crush your goals for 2018. Now, of course, there are more ways but we are going to discuss only 7 in this post.
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Whatever your goals may be, I want to offer you some ideas on helping you follow through with your plans for this coming year. It is so easy to make a list of goals or things you want to accomplish next year but if you are not intentional, you might find yourself feeling the same way 365 days from now.

So grab a pen and pad and let’s get started!

The 7 Steps You Need To Crush Your Goals In 2018

STEP 1: Review your goals from the previous year

So before we set new goals for the year coming up, I would like you to first take a moment to evaluate the goals that you previously set for 2017. Why? Because, if we don’t acknowledge and correct our past shortcomings we are almost guaranteed to repeat it. Some of us (clears throat, raising my hand), need an intentional course of action in order to get ish done.
Grab your pen and paper and ask yourself a few questions:

  • What goals did I set for myself in 2017?
  • Did I accomplish all or any of my goals? If not then why?
  • Were my goals realistic?
  • What barriers did I face?
  • Did my circumstances get worse or stay the same?
  • Am I still interested in those same goals?

After you have taken inventory, determine if you want to or need to add any of the same goals to your new list. If so, make certain to detail how you plan to achieve that goal in the New Year.

 STEP 2: Designate intentional time and space to plan out your Goals

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I am not sure if any of you have ever done this before but for the last 3 years, I intentionally set aside time away from my family and friends, usually a weekend to organize my goals and vision board for the next year.
This is something I look forward to doing every year. I literally leave my home and go somewhere so I am able to really focus. In the past, I’ve gone on a few mini-mom solo getaways to either a hotel or even one time I went to Daytona, Florida for the weekend. I mean, really who doesn’t love Florida in the winter :-), especially being from Ohio.
But anyway, no matter where I am, I try an create the perfect environment for me. I have my coffee, my planners, post-its, colorful pens, a canvas board, my favorite candle, I order in my favorite food, and I get to work for hours at a time uninterrupted.
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Now, if you are unable to or not interested in leaving your home for the weekend. Consider having the kids go to your parents for the weekend so you can focus at home, or try going to your local coffee shop or library. The point is you want to create a space that you can really be focused in with as minimal distractions as possible.
Believe it or not, taking that time out to only focus on writing and planning out my goals for the year ultimately helped me to execute more of my plans. I also tend to think of this strategy as an annual evaluation (I know, I know.. I hate that term too) similar to one your previous boss may have given you. But…. since you are your own boss (or boss to be) it is beneficial to do the same thing for yourself.

STEP 3: Set no more than 3-5 goals 

Why do I suggest only 3-5 goals? In most cases, the goals we set for the New Year are generally short-term goals. So try not to go overboard by listing 10 or more things you will accomplish in 2018. You don’t want to fall victim to the New Year’s resolution stereotype or set yourself up for failure.
It is okay if you have a list of long-term goals but you want to set attainable short-term goals for now. Think quick wins, in order to build up your confidence and gain momentum. I personally recommend setting around 4 main goals a year and then breaking them down into smaller chunks. So every 90-days I have hopefully executed 1 goal successfully. Here is a brief example of what I mean:
Quarter 1 January-March (90 days)
GOAL 1: Research my business idea
Deadline: March 30th

    • Establish business name
    • Obtain EIN
    • Research funding options
    • Write Business Plan
    • Contact SBA & SCORE for free Business Mentor

There will be many tasks that you list under your main goal which will help you stay on track. So that list will be much longer.

STEP 4: Make your goals S.M.A.R.T.

The next step is to write high-quality goals.

  • You will want to write S.M.A.R.T. goals. This is an acronym

Here is an example of a goal: Let’s say you are the owner of a Spa Salon

 “I want to provide 5 new spas services to my customers”

This will be the most detailed step because it requires you to write out the 6 W’s

  • Who: Who is providing these spa services? Is it only you? Do you have a team of employees?
  • What are you trying to accomplish overall: Increase sales, target a new niche, to test out new spa services?
  • Where: At my salon, at trade shows, employee appreciation events? (this may or may not apply)
  • When: Every week, every day, every month?
  • Which: Spa services: Dermabrasion, eyebrow threading, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, & eucalyptus wrap pedicure. Do you need any special equipment, certifications or permits to provide such services?
  • Why: To test out new services, to increase sales, to attract fresh talented estheticians.

How will you measure your progress overall?

  • By the number of new bookings you receive.
  • Offering customer Loyalty programs
  • The number of referrals

Is this an achievable goal for you?

  • Do you already have the necessary tools or skills to achieve the goal? Or do you have to take a class first, hire someone with the needed skill?

Is the goal relevant to your life or your business? Think about the bigger picture.

  • Think Long-term, how does this fit or impact your Spa Brand? Are you planning to branch out, open new locations? Franchise?

Every goal should have a target completion date. Once you set the date, begin to break the timeframe up by weeks, days, hours, etc. as to how you will ultimately reach the final goal.

  • My salon will offer 5 new trending services to our current customers half-off each Friday for the next 90 days. We hope to increase our customer loyalty and referral program and eventually open up another salon. In order to achieve this, we will brand this day as “Happy Hour Friday’s” and expand our hours and the number of employees every Friday based on the appointments scheduled. We will be able to measure this goal by reviewing the last 6 months sales on Friday’s and comparing that at the end of the 90 days.

STEP 5: Keep your goals in front of you

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We have to be able to visualize and see what it is we are planning. Out of sight out of mind, we all know how that can happen right? We’ve written out our goals, and we’ve gone through the process of it all. Then 3 weeks later we can’t even remember what we were supposed to be doing. I don’t know about you but I have so many things to distract me as a wife, mom, and business owner that if I don’t write it down and keep a visual in my face daily, I will totally forget what I was doing.
Well, that is why I recommend not only writing down your goals, type up your goals, create a vision board, make them your screen saver on your computer, phone, tablet, etc.  Use post-its, stick reminders on your fridge, car dashboard, closet door, bathroom mirror. I think you get the point. Another thing you can do is set daily, weekly, or monthly reminders on your phone so you can stay on track. Honestly, electronic reminders might be the most beneficial for most of us since I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t carry their mobile device around 24/7.

STEP 6: Consistently work on small tasks daily

I recommend attempting to complete at least one task daily towards your goal. Let’s say you have your ultimate goal set to be achieved in 90 days, right? You’ve written it out in great detail and you’ve determined it will take 20-50 smaller tasks in for order you to reach the next step.
Why not break it down to the smallest amount so you don’t feel so overwhelmed. Weekly tasks are easier to achieve, in my opinion. Let’s say for the first 30 days you have 20 tasks to complete, and then you break it down even further.  For week 1 through week 4 set your electronic calendar to remind you to complete 5 tasks for each week. Next, you could either do 1 task per day for 5 days or complete all 5 in 1 day. Whatever you think will work the best in your life and make it easier, try it out. Staying consistent is the major key.

STEP 7: Have an Accountability Partner

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It is very beneficial to have an accountability partner. This person is there to help you stay on track and hold you accountable in reaching your goals. This is someone in your corner, rooting you on, and providing you moral support. This is also someone who will question why you have not completed your tasks that you set for yourself and remind you of your plans. They can lend an ear if you are feeling overwhelmed and need to vent.  When you discuss your goals with your accountability partner, remember that you desire to have clear, open honest communication with them.  So it is beneficial to give them permission up front to remind you of the things you have planned. Schedule time upfront to connect with them weekly or bi-weekly, like a “check-in” call or text.  This person could also be a mentor of yours. If you don’t have a business mentor, check out some of the benefits here.
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So just to recap…..

So there you have it, my 7-steps to help you crush your goals in 2018 and beyond! Good Luck and I hope you have a  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thanks for reading, what other steps do you follow in order to keep you on track with your goals? Tell me in the comments.
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